Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY copper vase

Isn't this copper vase the bee's knees? I'm digging copper as a fun home decor alternative. Enough with the same old brass and steel!

Curious as to how you might find such a beauty of your very own? According to the always awesome blog A Merry Mishap it's as easy a D. I. Y.

The only tricks to remember are: 1. make sure your spray paint is made for glass surfaces and 2. make sure you only paint the outside of the glass. Apparently, painting the inside is a bad call if you plan on storing water and stems in your fancy new piece.

I've said it before, DIY is not my strong suit. Still, this is a project so simple and worth the while that I might be brave enough to try it...

Happy painting!

P.S. Anyone know where to score that wooden hand? Talented artist friends, I'm looking to you!

(all images via a merry merry mishap)



    Happy decorating!

  2. Awesomeness. Thank you : )