Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a swell getup for...date night with the mister

Ah-the jumpsuit...such a passing fad...

Every few years it seems these make a comeback. I've always laughed them off as one of those trends our children would tease us for wearing one day. So how can it be that lately I can't stop daydreaming about owning one?

There is something so subtly sexy about a jumpsuit that feels perfect for a romantic night out with the mister.

The silhouette of this royal purple version is working in all the right ways--the wide, flowing legs and the tailored sleeveless top? Whoa, mama.

What a perfect piece to take you from warm summer nights to cooler fall evenings. Wouldn't this also look tasty with a buttery brown leather jacket?

A sparkly necklace, a smart clutch and a rocking pair of heels have me craving some candlelit canoodling at the Patterson House.

Get the look below.

a swell getup for...date night

Jumpsuit: halter belted jumpsuit, Warehouse, $120
Clutch: similar grey envelope clutch, Svpply, $100
Necklaces: crystal circle necklace and Venus Fly Trap crystal necklace, both J. Crew, $85 and 135
Watch: bow watch, Kate Spade, $195
Shoes: Sydney snakeskin sandals, J. Crew, $200
Lipstick: Luminous Fresh Pink Peach, YSL, $32
Eyeliner:  Crayon Yeux Liner in Earth Brown, Revlon, $12

(image via barrett adair)

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