Friday, August 31, 2012

so long, summer (snaps)

It's been a whirlwind of a summer that I would almost swear didn't happen. How did we already get from May to September?

Thanks to the recently discovered collection of iPhone snaps you see below, there's no denying that the summer actually happened. Backyard BBQ's in Brooklyn, concerts, a trip to Chicago, two weddings, a cross country drive to start a new life in a different state...and all sorts of other summery goodness in between.

Yeah, summer happened alright-- and it was awesome.

Cheers to a fantastic Labor Day weekend, friends. Let's celebrate her before she's gone!

1-a charcuterie plate complete with dainty floral garnish at The Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC/2-Parker's rehearsal dinner...nothing beats a fella in a bow tie/3-the groomsmen show off their tails/4-a stop for legit North Carolina BBQ at Bridges in Shelby, NC/5-beautiful NC mountaintops captured on an early morning hike/6-toasting with W and K at the reception

7-Benton's bacon on the grill/8-dance party with the bestie/9-Bouchon Bakery treats for Mr. B's birthday/10-saying goodbye to our garden in NYC/10-locking up our place one more time/11-so long, NYC skyline

12-a painting in progress beside the Highline in NYC/13-an impromptu concert in Central Park/14-one last snap of our beloved Bethesda Fountain/15-buildings reflected in water at Central Park/16-disco roller skating on the Mall/17-Only in New York, folks. Dance, baby, dance!

18-pretty AK on the roof of her Chicago home/19-Lake Michigan was...freezing!/20-The Drake/21-delicious tacos, guac and margaritas at Big Star Taco in Wicker Park/22-napping with AK's new kitten Dexter /23-because Home Alone always rules-the American Airlines terminal at O'Hare.

24-Those Darlins rock it at The End in Nash/25-Biggest. grasshopper. ever./26-a double stack from Gabby's burgers in South Nashville/27-summer carnivals mean ferris wheels!/28-Nashville-based chocolatiers Olive & Sinclair make a mean sea salt and pepper chocolate bar/29-fresh peaches from the farmer's market in our new neighborhood

30-East Nashville's Tomato Arts Festival doesn't play around. Mad Donna's advertises their offering./31-cruising Nash in our new ride/32-frozen lemonade at a street fair/33-shopping for bikes in East Nasty/34-hot sun, cold soup at the Tomato Arts Festival/35-Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams never disappoints.

36-checking Mom and Dad in at the Union Station Hotel...they say it's haunted, you know.../37-our new living room in Nashville/38-a framed Bob pic scored for a dime at an antique shop/39-baking lemon bars/40-THE Hot Chicken Festival/41-date night at The Belcourt theater

42-new shades make Mondays brighter/43-blue skies over the Tennessee capitol/44-orange Pellegrino is certainly the drink of champions/45-Libby dog shows off her spots/46-oysters on a weekend jaunt to Memphis/47-one last coral pedicure before summer ends


  1. best post ever! flattered that I made an appearance :)

  2. Of course! Thanks for checking it out. I only wish I had slowed down enough on the gimlets at The Violet Hour to snap a pic.

    See you sooooooooooon! xo