Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fresh specs

For the past few months, I've accepted that my super nerdy glasses (not in a hipster way, circa 2003) have got to go.

While searching for a replacement that I would actually wear in public, I've been consistently depressed by the fact that every pair I'm drawn to inevitably turns out to be from a designer label. They are also all $300 (before adding your prescription)!

For example, I've been lusting after these dark blue-green frames from Paul Smith since this time last year.

(Image courtesy vision direct)

This Chanel pair is lovely...and way too pricey for me!

(Image courtesy Lucky Mag)

Just when I'd given up hope of ever wearing eyeglasses in public again, I stumbled across Warby Parker.

This online retailer prides itself on selling boutique-quality glasses for an affordable price. No pair is more than $100. All frames also have adorable names...

I'll take the Miles, please.

(Images courtesy Warby Parker)

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