Wednesday, September 22, 2010

new nails

I've always been a bit boring when it comes to nail polish. Maybe it was my mother's refusal to let my junior high self experiment with the wild nail colors from Hard Candy circa 1997, but I've pretty much stuck to OPI's Bubble Bath on hands and toes for as long as I can remember.

(image courtesy

Now, Chanel's khaki-inspired neutral nail shades for fall have got me thinking it might be time for a change.

(image courtesy racked)

Khaki Brown and Khaki Rose? Yes, please! While I like the idea of the Khaki Green, I think I'll keep that color off my nails and on my clothes. How about these cute pants? I'm loving this whole look. Work it, Posh Spice.

(image courtesy FabSugar)

Oscar de la Renta's ruffled dress looks nifty with a belt in this somewhat masculine color. Not so nifty? That fur hat. Yak.

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