Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, monday

(image courtesy life in mine)

Back to work, people! Wherever did the weekend go?

Here are a few fun things helping me shake off those Monday blues.

*One of my guiltiest pleasures, Gossip Girl, is back...and in Paris. Yay for pretty clothes and that scoundrel Chuck Bass.

(image courtesy your next dress)

*These wacky nesting dolls by Ginger Williams are hilarious. Don't worry. Ginger's got you covered with both a Golden Girls set (seen below) and a set painted like the cast of The Karate Kid.

(image courtesy superpunch)

* Project Runway's Tim Gunn is in the building for a book signing. L and I rode the elevator up and chatted with him. Nicest. guy. ever. Also, what happened to Andre?

*Willa Skye Home's Etsy shop has the prettiest pillows. We just ordered this navy lattice pair.

(image via Willa Skye Home)

Here's to a wonderful week!

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