Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Philip Williams Posters

(image courtesy Flickr)

Philip Williams Posters on Chambers Street in Tribeca is one of my new favorite places. After a ringing endorsement from S (and, well, the New York Times), we recently spent over an hour exploring Mr. Williams's spiffy collection.

Don't let the inclusion of the word "poster" in this store's name frighten you away. This a not a place to pick up a flimsy image of John Belushi wearing a "College" sweatshirt nor is it a place to score Edward Cullen wall decor (stop crying, Miss Beastly).

Williams's 100,000 plus poster collection includes hand painted original posters by some of the world's most famous artists (some are even worth $250,000...ack).

While these pricey pieces are cool to browse from afar, what makes this store really special are its quirky, and sometimes downright bizarre, affordable odds and ends.

(image courtesy weblicist)

There are steer skulls painted in folksy vibrant colors, tiny bronzed knick-knacks, one-of-a-kind chests of drawers, frames, vintage buttons and more. Other discoveries varied from a window decal of Cary Grant's silhouette to old record sleeves to the cool framed poster below that I've become weirdly obsessed with.

How cool is this original Italian movie poster for Easy Rider?

(images courtesy Philip Williams Posters)

After a thorough search, we finally settled on two pieces of French sheet music from the 1920's that Mr. Williams kindly framed for a dime. Check one out below on our growing gallery wall.

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