Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New York Mag's Eat Cheap 2010

I have a huge crush on New York Mag. Every week, I look forward to opening my tiny mailbox and finding it there patiently waiting for me (thanks to sweet S for the subscription!).

This week is the annual Cheap Eats edition and while I'm totally stoked to see tasty Southern fare from eateries such as Pies-N-Thighs and Commodore leading the charge (desperate to try both!),

I'm also really excited about...MEATBALLS! This obsession of mine is hardly my most feminine, but what can I say? A good meatball is hard to beat!

How tasty does this meatball slider from Kenmare look? It's just a teensy little bite!

Motorino's classic looking trio? Yes, please!

Whoa. This sandwich is from Mia Dona's very own meatball cart (located just outside its more formal restaurant's doors) and is apparently served on focaccia. Motherload.

(All images courtesy New York Magazine)

Click here to view the mag's slideshow called "The Year in Meatballs." Absolutely awesome.

Happy (frugal) snacking!

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