Monday, February 27, 2012

currently cooking: chicken tortilla soup

After a crazy few weeks, the hubs and I decided to take it a bit easy this weekend. We decided to stay in on Saturday and cook up something really chicken tortilla soup!

The recipe (via Vogue) we used was meatless and called for a ton of fresh veggies. The chicken flavor comes from chicken broth.

Over wine and some solid tunes, we chopped (and chopped and chopped) the ingredients-bell pepper, onion, garlic and last, but not least, the jalapeno.

I had no idea that jalapeno juice could actually burn your skin. You can imagine the unfortunate scene that occurred after I absentmindedly touched my nose while admiring my mad knife skills. Let's just say, it wasn't pretty.

After everything went into the pot, our place smelled deliciously of cumin, garlic and peppers.
Next, we toasted and cut the whole wheat tortillas and proceeded to feast.

Overall, I give this recipe two thumbs up. It's filling, warm and not heavy-a perfect soup for a mild, blue-skied weekend.

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