Sunday, February 19, 2012

downton abbey season finale

After a busy week in Texas, I almost forgot that tonight is Downton Abbey's season finale. Are you guys as stoked as I am?

What about poor Bates? Will he be found innocent? Will Mary dump that grumpy geezer and make things right with Matthew? Will Thomas and O'Brien EVER STOP plotting and smoking?

Until this evening answers our burning questions, take a gander at this hilarious bit from SNL. The set-up? A Downton promo if the show were to air on cable channel Spike TV as opposed to PBS. Hilarious stuff, I tell you!

P.S. How hunky is Dan Stevens? Dapper blonde dude with a deep voice...just my style.

(images courtesy velveteen crumbs and tkow)


  1. I love Downton Abbey! And I adore Dan Stevens. What's also quite awesome is that he can write intelligently too. Have you seen his articles on: Also, he writes some personal stuff for some British newspaper too.

  2. Christina! Thanks for the rec. I'm def going to check it out. Is it gross that I sort of want to rewatch the second season again now?

    Also, how was your trip? I meant to pop by this week to hear all about it, but somehow it's already the weekend...