Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the paris theater

For as long as we've been in NYC, I've wanted to catch a movie at the famed Paris Theater. Nestled next to the Plaza Hotel with its vintage-inspired sign, the Paris always seemed like such a "New York" sort of place.
Well, after years and years, we finally got around to paying the movie house a visit. We caught a showing of The Artist after work last night. Talk about a match made in Heaven!

Opened in 1948 (actress Marlene Dietrich cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony, by the by), the single screen theater definitely transports you to another time. It's cozy lobby features are mod with a dash of art deco.

Walk beyond the ticket booth and you'll find two levels. We settled in the balcony and got cozy with our popcorn.

The theater's single screen is obscured by a thick velvet curtain and jazz standards play until the show begins. In short, it was a bizarrely different experience from catching the latest Twilight at the multiplex (NOT that I'm knocking that, people)!

The experience was wonderful and the movie was GREAT. Click here for the trailer. It's got my vote for Best Picture.

P. S. I really want to learn to tap dance now.

P.P.S. I also now love the name "Peppy."

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