Monday, February 13, 2012

san antonio

In exactly 24 hours, S and I will be on our way down to San Antonio for our dear friends' wedding. Since we've never explored the city, we've decided to extend the trip and turn it into a full fledged getaway.

The Alamo, a peek into the missions, the Pearl and plenty o' Tex Mex are all on our agenda.

We've booked a lovely room at Liz Lambert's Havana Hotel on the Riverwalk, and I'm beyond excited to get into some local flavor before we celebrate sweet K's big day.

Bring it on, Texas!

(original images courtesy san antonio visitor's bureau and remodelista)

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  1. T & I are excited to see you. Mom and I will be there tomorrow & will give you a call. Welcome to TX. Buy some boots :)