Wednesday, March 14, 2012

currently cooking: chicken sausage and spinach pasta

When it comes to cooking on school nights, we usually go for a dish that we can eat for two dinners. Since it's just the two of us (and there are almost always leftovers), we opted for the chicken sausage and spinach pasta you see above. We had a feeling this would taste even better the second night!

I know, I know. The name of our dinner of choice is misleading. Way to pig out, right? Nope! The recipe for this pasta calls for substitutions that keep the calorie count low without sacrificing any flavor.

The secret is using specific ingredients. For the penne, we went for Ronzoni's Smart Taste pasta. Super low cal and low carb. We kept our sausage simple by avoiding any of the cheese filled combos and went with a spicy, organic chicken option.

Check out the original recipe here. For roughly 400 calories per serving, eat and be happy!

P.S. S surprised me with a few tasty treats for dessert from vegan bakery Babycakes on LES. Frosted cupcake tops! Aren't they cute?

P.P.S. Remember Babycakes's adorable videos?

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