Thursday, March 22, 2012

milk and roses bistro

Milk and Roses Bistro might be the cutest place ever.

Pressed tin ceilings, aged hardwood floors, mismatched antique bar stools and tables and a piano all contribute to the relaxed, shabby-chic aesthetic of this spot. The walls are lined with floor to ceiling shelves stuffed with antique books.

Grab a seat in the beautiful backyard or keep your voice low at a table inside.

Each tabletop features dainty flowers and menus handwritten on Air Mail envelopes. This place was over-the-top precious, and I loved it.

Milk and Roses offers a fair selection of food (paninis, salads, tarts, cheeses, etc.), but most of the patrons we saw came to hang. People were sipping bottles of wine and/or getting their caffeine fix with pretty cups of coffee. Freelancers, typing away on laptops, were abundant.

An unexpected, chilled out soundtrack (read: scratchy Robert Johnson recordings) made our party linger for longer than intended.

My verdict? A great spot and a great place to spend a sunny spring afternoon.

Here are a few snaps.

pretty painted windows

individual servings of milk in tiny bottles

geraniums in bloom

(original images via brix pix, blakestate and yelp)

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