Friday, March 2, 2012

february photo challenge

When I heard about FatMumSlim's monthly photo challenges on Nat the Fat Rat, I was immediately intrigued.

The challenge is pretty straightforward. Fatmuslim creates a list of photo subjects to go with each day of the month. While many people instagram and tweet their daily finds, I decided to interpret said challenge a bit differently.

I spent the entire month collecting the images you see below. It turned a normal day's walk into a scavenger hunt. All in all, it was pretty fun!

See below for the results.

1-my view today/2-words (Truman Capote's)/3-S's hands
4-a stranger (a cat we met at the Alamo)/5-10 a.m./6-dinner (tuna pasta)

7-buttons on a favorite chambray shirt/8-sun (shining over Rock Center)/9-a front door in the Village
10-tulips make me happy/11-self portrait/12-inside my closet

13-blue (dress, that is)/14-heart/15-phone
16-something new/17-time (on the bedside table)/18-drink (and a heck of one-thanks to Hector)

19-something you hate to do (especially at board games)/20-handwriting/21-a fave photo from a friend's wedding
22-where you work/23-your shoes/24-inside your bathroom cabinet (product overload!)

25-green/26-night/27-something you ate (lobster empandas)
28-money/29-something you're listening to (Beirut, particularly "Santa Fe" on repeat)

Would you guys do a month long photo challenge? March's list has been posted! Click here to see the list and the "rules" for the daily challenge.

(top image courtesy fatmumslim)

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